Cow Ghee Terre
Cow Ghee

In the age of the Indus Valley, the tribe celebrated fullness and considered the full moon a symbol of peace and prosperity. They marked its advent with a customary ghee-making ceremony, believing ghee to symbolise soma, the source of nourishment, nectar, and bliss. The ghee, infused with magical gifts by Chandra came to be a vitalising ingredient and they used it as a face mask giving it a divine potency that would leave skin satin-soft , supple and glowing.

Yashada Bhasma
Yashada Dust

The Indus civilisation magicked a wide array of ointments, oils and remedies that performed miracles on its people. One of their greatest, most valuable cures, however, was yashada bhasma - zinc oxide. It was hidden deep in the Indus basin, and held glorious properties that instantly healed wounds, calmed the eyes and worked as a shield against the sun. Before long, the Indus people created the first potent salve, pushpanjan.

Saffron flower

The Indus people practised advanced concepts in health care far ahead of their time and at the heart of their principles, were herbs and plants of their valley, each of which offered the tribe a wondrous, unique benefit. The civilisation greatest gift has been a beauty elixir - kumkumadi tailam. The herbal oil is a quintessence of over thirty precious Ayurvedic ingredients, crowned by saffron and was prized for its ability to lighten skin tone, plump skin, lift fine lines, remove age spots and blemishes.