Coconut oil

In ancient Java, Indonesian healers began a rich tradition of crafting botanical recipes to keep skin youthful, healthy and glowing. The recipes were drawn from the tropical palm trees that enveloped the island. As the healers opened the coconuts that fell at their feet, they discovered at their heart, a clear oil that cast miracles on their skin and hair. A single drop of oil could moisturise their sun-kissed faces, draw wrinkles away and bestow youthful skin.

Coconut milk

In a bygone era of centuries past, the king and queen of Java entrusted upon its spiritual healers to marry the luxuries of the earth and heavens . The healers crafted an elaborate, forty-day sequence of purification and cleansing rituals for the Japanese princess using coconut oil. The oil was used to infuse the royal’s face with a resplendent, radiant glow and make her skin tauter.