Indus Valley Cow Ghee Day & Night Resurrection Face Cream

₹ 1,750
(₹ 580/ 10gm)


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Relive the secrets of the Indus Valley with the the intensive, non-comedogenic Indus Valley Cow Ghee Face Cream. This highly moisturising, pH-balanced, non-comedogenic face cream is rich in antioxidants and instantly invigorates, lightens and brightens skin, protecting it from exposure to the elements. Crafted with highly potent herbal extracts, this composition offers an all-natural, sensational scent and an extraordinarily smooth texture. Holding time-honoured emollient ingredients like cow ghee, shea butter, kokum butter, argan oil, almond oil, olive oil, nagchampa oil, nutgrass oil, vetiver oil and glycerin, the face cream offers deep moisturisation by forming a soft veil over the skin to lock in moisture. Ingredients such as amla, liquorice, ashwagandha, saffron, aloe vera, red sandalwood and nagkesar work towards reducing dark spots, erasing blemishes, conditioning skin, providing anti-inflammatory benefits and lending radiance by slowing melanin production. Of particular note, is the lactic acid in this formulation, lent by goat milk, that serves to peel back the upper layers of the skin to reveal brighter, fresher layers underneath. Indus Valley Cow Ghee Face Cream is packed with plant-derived squalane, which ensures the absorption of nutrients deep into the skin.

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