Indus valley Yashada Dust moisturising, brightening and pigment reduction Sunscreen PA++++ for all skin types

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The Indus Valley Yashada Bhasma Sun screen for Normal to Dry Skin by Timeless Beauty Secrets is a multitasking mineral sunscreen-cum-moisturiser crafted from pure herbal infusions. With a 2-in-1 formulation specialised for normal to dry skin, the sunscreen offers deep moisturisation and nourishment for moisture-deprived skin, while forming a powerful ultraviolet shield against the sun. Its rich emollient base includes shea butter, kokum butter and almond oil, which combine to cloak the skin in a matte finish and a lightweight, non-greasy application. The formulation maintains the pH balance of the skin and is non-comedogenic. The Indus Valley Yashada Bhasma Sunscreen for Normal to Dry Skin is fortified by yashada bhasma (zinc oxide) and also contains aloe vera, liquorice, ashwagandha, glycerin and titanium dioxide. Plant-based squalane promotes the absorption of sun-protecting nutrients deep into the skin.

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