The Yellow River Sea buckthorn Deeply Hydrating & Soothing Face Serum

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(₹ 414/ 10ml)


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Resurrect the potency of the sea buckthorn from centuries past with the The Yellow River Sea Buckthorn Face Serum by Timeless Beauty Secrets. This pure, botanical serum draws away impurities, deeply hydrates and cleanses, and gently exfoliates facial skin. This formulation forms a potent screen that counters the damaging effect of free radicals and provides anti-ageing benefits such as smoothing of fine lines and blemish-correction. Reigned by sea buckthorn, and powerhouse ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, the serum also contains aloe vera, liquorice, green tea, glycerin, ashwagandha, rose and jasmine oil, which collectively contribute anti-inflammatory, astringent, deep-hydrating, skin-lightening, pH-balancing and toning properties. The serum draws moisture in to the skin and keeps it hydrated for 24 hours. Follow with face cream.

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