Java Coconut And Green Tea Anti Microbial and Hydrating Hand and Body Wash

₹ 425
(₹ 313/ 100ml)
Color: Pastel


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Crafted as a anti-microbial, purifying, cleansing and revitalising hand and body gel, the Java Coconut & Green Tea Bath Gel by Timeless Beauty Secrets draws inspiration from the ancient botanical recipes of Java. Scented with fresh coconut and citrus and speckled with exfoliating orange granules, this organic, pH-balancing gel calms the senses and serves to gently scrub away dead cells, soothe sensitive skin and provide abundant hydration. The bath gel forms a satin-soft wrap on the skin and leaves it soft, smooth,free from harmful germs and radiant. With coconut oil and orange oil crowning the composition, the Java Coconut & Green Tea Bath Gel also contains neem.

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