• Herbs of The Himalayas Strengthening & Nourishing  Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

    Herbs of The Himalayas Strengthening & Nourishing Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

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Cinque Terre
Pink Salt

When early settlers arrived at the Himalayan foothills, they were amazed at the rolling carpet of pink-speckled salt that seemed to stretch out into the horizon. The settlers developed Ayurvedic principles and discovered that the salt crystals contained magic and precious minerals that were small enough to be absorbed by the skin. These ancient people created honorary salt bathing rituals that gently exfoliated their skin, cleansed their body and drew out toxins

Cinque Terre

Many a jewel lies hidden deep in the Himalayan valleys. These jewels were fresh and scented, and the people that managed to scale the Mountains called them the herbs of the Himalayas. As the Himalayans roamed the herb-carpeted valleys, they developed hair rituals which nourished their hair, stroked away excess sebum and soothed their scalp which in turn fortified their hair and made it long and lustrous

Cinque Terre
Kusuma flower

The Himalayan kusuma flower was one of the earliest treasures, its yellow petals forming thousands of dazzling suns on the valley floor. The flower's oil was discovered to be a prodigious potion, luring dirt and oil off the face, casting a healthy glow, smoothing lines, promoting elasticity and conjuring the disappearance of wrinkles. The kusuma granted a wealth of antioxidants to the skin it touched, firming it, repairing sun damage and imparting heavenly nourishment.