Roman Orange Peel Deeply Moisturising Illuminating Face Polish

₹ 750
(₹ 150/ 10gm)


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The Roman Orange Peel Face Polish by Timeless Beauty Secrets presents the Romans’ best-preserved beauty secret in a convenient format. This botanical, orange-scented polish comes in an exfoliating formulation tailor-made for oily to normal skin. Orange oil, baobab oil and jojoba oil soften skin, reduce fine lines and stimulate collagen production, while a potent combination of radiance-enhancing, pH-balancing, skin-toning, deep-hydrating, blemish-correcting, sebum-balancing and gentle exfoliating properties are provided by aloe vera, glycerin, walnut shell, ginkgo biloba, rose, liquorice, mulberry, seaweed, brahmi and turmeric. The polish is infused with hydrating notes of honey. Unlike other oil-based formulations, the Roman Orange Peel Face Polish is crafted to be non-comedogenic and is ideal for oily to normal skin.

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