Indus Valley Kumkumadi Non-comedogenic & Illuminating Ayurvedic Beauty Concentrate

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The Indus Valley Kumkumadi Beauty Oil by Timeless Beauty Secrets marries the traditional potency of kumkumadi tailam with the non-comedogenic properties of argan oil. Composed of 30 vital herbs of the Indus Valley, this amazingly absorbable oil will allow your skin to drink its wondrous nutrients without leaving behind any greasy residue. The Indus Valley Kumkumadi Beauty Oil delivers a host of antioxidants that resist environmental stressors and free radicals, and combat signs of ageing. It also serves to illuminate skin, remove blemishes and brighten skin tone by revealing youthful, underlying layers. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, redness and blotchiness, and augments the elasticity of the skin. Instead of the traditional coconut oil or sesame oil constituent in kumkumadi tailam, this beauty oil is infused with argan oil, which does not cause breakouts like coconut oil or sesame oil. It is also composed of vitamin E and a wide range of plant-derived ingredients.

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